Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A review of -Scent of a Woman by Jan Moran

I really enjoyed this historical romance! The story had me travelling across the ocean during WWII with Danielle the main character. She is a strong minded and multi-layered character that one can't help but cheer her on through all of her obstacles. This woman is ahead of her time and is forced to endure many difficulties in her life and her career. This was a book that had me hoping for a sequel long before I turned the last page! This is a four star read and requires a comfy spot and a cuppa tea ;) I recommend this book to all my independent friends!! I will be waiting to read more of Jan Moran's work!

Review of --Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Wow! What an original Zombie tale! I have to admit that after  reading the synopsis of this book I was a real skeptic! Like seriously--a zombie named R that falls in love with a human named Julie?! As if this plot could even try to entice me!! Well from page one this crazy R guy just grabs ahold of you and leads you through his journey! I ate my own words and totally got swept up into this book! It was thought provoking- seriously I know right?! It was an adventure that had a let's all change the world right now feel to it! I give this book a 4 out of five star rating and am recommending that you and all of your friends should read this quick awesome book! Crazy idea of a story but Isaac Marion you made it REAL- and for that you rock!!!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Stitch by Samantha Durante

Great book! The ground is definitely set for this trilogy, the characters drag you in right away. I was way off base thinking I knew exactly where the story was taking me and was totally surprised with the twists in this book! I was lured in by the cool cover and now I am hooked-I will be reading the whole trilogy and everything else written by this author! You will be too!!
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