Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Review of --Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Wow! What an original Zombie tale! I have to admit that after  reading the synopsis of this book I was a real skeptic! Like seriously--a zombie named R that falls in love with a human named Julie?! As if this plot could even try to entice me!! Well from page one this crazy R guy just grabs ahold of you and leads you through his journey! I ate my own words and totally got swept up into this book! It was thought provoking- seriously I know right?! It was an adventure that had a let's all change the world right now feel to it! I give this book a 4 out of five star rating and am recommending that you and all of your friends should read this quick awesome book! Crazy idea of a story but Isaac Marion you made it REAL- and for that you rock!!!

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  1. Haven't read this yet but I'm really excited for the movie which is coming out this year! The plot is just so intriguing..

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