Friday, 8 March 2013

Rosina, The Midwife - by Jessica Kluthe

      This is a great book! I won this ARC copy from Goodreads! Grab yourself  a tea and find your favorite chair because this book is taking you on a wonderful journey. Occasionally I find a well written book and enjoy it so much that I read it slower during the last chapter just to savor the ending---- this book had me reading to savor after the very first chapter! It is a journey from America to Italy and back again with love, tears, and the richness of family history. This book was written by Jessica Kluthe and published by Brindle & Glass. The cover of this book is gorgeous- an old photo with floral motif and the chapter headings are marked with map definitions. Reading this book made me feel like a guest invited to join the characters on their historical journey. I felt like I was sharing the experience in its entirety. Run now to get this book and start reading it right away!!!

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