Friday, 28 December 2012

Profile of a Bookie

            It has circled through my mind a few times while walking around in bookstores and office supply outlets that Bookies have a special commonality. I have noticed in myself and certainly in others that many avid readers have little quirks. They all seem to begin their reading journey long before they pick up the actual book. They scour book reviews, library shelves, websites, bookstore windows and earmark their future reads on a long and ever evolving mental list. The look of the cover is a key factor- it is the first peek at the portrait of the story and it pulls the potential reader in, enough at least to read the back cover or to open the book to the front page.  The quality and cut of the paper and its pages are a deciding factor as well. Uneven page cuts are unacceptable as they are difficult to turn the  pages individually. They feel rough and distract the reader from the jewel that lies within.  Any reader will tell you that if they are unfamiliar with the author or the book they will check out the back cover first and if this peeks their interest they will perhaps take note of the publisher. Then they will move on to the dedication or even to the front page. This is the last chance to pull the person in to the story, this is where the voice begins. I always read the first few paragraphs to get a feel of the book's rhythm. These quirks lead readers to their next novel and author discovery.
     I have also noticed that many readers have a love for paper-they love a good colour, quality and texture of paper. The matching of envelopes to the paper is also a special find. Pens by their style,design and writing flow are also very appealing to most readers. It is interesting to note that the cost of the pen does not affect the choice. I have hunted through my purse, scoured the desk and junk drawers in search of the famous favourite pen just to jot down a quick note and have refused the offer of other pens from other people simply because it is not my pen. I have loved the two dollar  pens as much as the ten dollar pens and I am usually a blue ink kind of girl but have lately been using a black ink pen and have enjoyed that as well.
      Finally I should comment on the bookmark---some people need  to have their special bookmark to start their new book . While others just use the same type each time. I have used all different kinds from a piece of embroidery floss, to a scrap of paper. I have fancy ones with a magnet attached to the inner flap that looks so nice against the page. I also have tried the kind that slide onto the corner of the page and look quite respectable. I have even been guilty of  dare I say it.....folding down the corner of the page...yikes! I have even memorized the page number - but now that I have hit my 40's I know better than to rely on such a silly thing as my own memory.
       Bookies are indeed a special breed of people that share numerous traits with one another. A true bookie can be spotted quite easily in any book store for they are the people that are so absorbed in their hunt for the next book that they are oblivious to all others in the store.
        Happy reading fellow bookies!

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