Friday, 28 December 2012

Review of I Love My Slow Cooker

I Love My Slow Cooker
by Beverly leBlanc
Published by Duncan Baird Publishers
received to me from netgalley in ebook form

           This cookbook has a great base of recipes. I felt that many of the recipes were easily brought together with ingredients that are stocked in most pantries. The pictures were fantastic and showed the finished product in a mouth watering light. Most interesting to me beyond the great number of entree choices was the back to basics approach of the cookbook. The introduction included a wealth of information regarding best choice of slow cooker models, even providing the serving amounts for the different capacity crockpots. A section explaining how to use your crockpot to enhance flavors or to cook legumes, poultry or vegetables was also included. Cooking times and even the best meat cuts are explored in this great cookbook. The recipes are well presented with great photos and easy to understand step by step instructions promising super results. Several types of dishes are highlighted from soups and sauces to Thai fish with coconut curry. This cookbook is a must for your crockpot enjoyment, it is the perfect gift for those new to the crockpot and the crockpot pros. This recipe book gets a solid 4 of 5 star rating .

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